New opportunity to earn Cash and Gold

There is a new opportunity online to earn cash in the form of real gold. The website is and it’s a real opportunity. This company is based in Canada and was launched in 2014. This is a real company with over 100.000 active users and over $10,000,000 in physical gold. wants to spread the word about it’s unique service that allows members to transfer gold to each other, users can spend their gold from their ATM cards as well.

bitgold-cubesThis is a BitGold cube, they weigh ten grams and they can be requested by users at anytime. Being able to demand physical gold is very important when you are dealing with gold.

The Opportunity to bring more users to BitGold is very lucrative. BitGold pays affiliates up to 1 gram of gold for each member they refer that signs up as an affiliate.

You can also make money by referring regular users to, up to $9 per member you refer.

We are very excited by this opportunity to earn free gold by sharing the opportunity with others. Throughout history gold has always been a stable commodity. You can put your trust in gold and you can put your trust in Remember to sign up as an affiliate in order to take full advantage of the lucrative affiliate program.

BitGold Explained

How to earn free stuff

Today on Deals and Finds let’s talk about how to earn free stuff. You might think “well if I am earning it how is it free?” hey that’s a good question, but because it’s so easy to earn it and costs you no money ever to me that makes it free and one heck of a deal.

You accomplish this by using some great rewards sites like those found on One of the best on there that I like to use is because of all the great gift card choices that you get instantly. I have found it easy to use this site to and many different free ways to earn.

One of the best ways to earn the free stuff is starting with the easiest stuff, like watching videos,visiting sites,listening to music and the search and win. To earn bigger amounts of points I like the Daily Surveys that you can do each day.

The registration process is also easy and fast just click this link and you will be on your way to earning free stuff